Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine

The Best Way to Contact Teachers

You may contact your child’s advisor or teachers through the main school number and leave a voice-mail at any time. If you call and leave a message for a teacher, please be patient and understand that he/she may not be able to call you back right away. Teachers do make every effort to return calls within 24 hours, even if this means making calls from home in the evening.

Email can be a more efficient way to reach a teacher quickly, as most teachers do check e-mail throughout the day and are able to check their IMS email accounts from home. The searchable directory above allows you to link directly to any faculty or staff member's email address.

All IMS email addresses (except share the same protocol:

first name_last
(no spaces, e.g.

Of course, communicating at length by email may not be the best way to resolve a complex issue. A better approach is to email the teacher and ask when it would be convenient to talk and arrange a time when the teacher is available and near a phone.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Key Contacts

Main Upper Campus Number: (860) 435-0871
Main Lower Campus Number: (860) 435-2855

Head of School
: Jody Soja

Assistant Head of School: Tom Stewart
(860) 435-0871 x 138

Lower School Head
: Rebekah Jordan
(860) 435-0476
Dean of Grades 5 & 6: Tammy Decker
(860) 435-0871 x 195
Dean of Academics: Sarah Breakell
(860) 435-0871 x 113
Dean of Students: Colleen O'Reilly
(860) 435-0871 x106

Absences/Late/Early Departure
Lower School: (860) 435-2855
Middle School: (860) 435-0871 x 113
Upper School: (860) 435-0871 x110

Admissions: (860) 435-0871 x192
Athletics:  (860) 435-0871 x128
Alumni Relations: (860) 435-0871 x185
Business Office: (860) 435-0871 x140
Community Service: (860) 435-0871 x997
Counseling: (860) 435-0871 x136
Development: (860) 435-0871 x155
Academic Support: (860) 435-0871 x121
Nurse: (860) 435-0871 x120
Residential Life: (860) 435-0871 x122

Sincerely and with heartfelt gratitude, Robin and Buzz McGraw P'13

"Words cannot express our deep appreciation for the support and love the IMS faculty gave our daughter.  All the students (and parents) greatly benefit from their tireless work and dedication to making IMS the BEST school for our children. Andie's three years have been a remarkable growth period for her and we believe that thanks to the IMS faculty and staff she is ready for the next step."