Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in grades pre-kindergarten through nine

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  • Enrollment

    Our enrollment averages 250 students between our Upper and Lower campuses. We have space for 105 domestic and international boarders in grades 5-9, representing 10 U.S. states and over a dozen international countries.
  • Stats

    Founded: 1922
    Head of School: Jody Reilly Soja
    Location: Lakeville, Connecticut
    Campus: 600 acres
  • Administration

    Assistant Head of School for Program and Daily Operations: Thomas Stewart
    Dean of Academics: Flynn Corson
    Head of Lower School: Rebekah Jordan
  • Faculty and Students

    Faculty: 60
    Faculty with Advanced Degrees: 34
    Average Class Size: 12
    Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1
  • Grades

    Lower Campus: PK-4
    Upper Campus: 5-9
    Boarding: 6-9

  • 2019-2020 Tuition

    Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year:
    7 Day Boarding Tuition: $65,235
    5 Day Boarding Tuition: $61,235
    International Boarding Tuition: $70,235
    Upper Campus Day: $33,500
    Lower Campus: $21,118
  • Technology

    9th grade iPad program
    Campus-wide SMART Boards          
    Three computer labs
    Multiple laptop carts
  • Giving and Alumni

    Endowment: $10 million
    2015-2016 Annual Giving total: $800k
    IMS Alumni: 4200

  • IMS Falcon Pride

    IMS School Colors: Maroon and Gray
    IMS School Mascot: Falcon

  • Athletic Facilities

    IMS has seven playing fields
    Three all-weather tennis courts and gymnasium
    Weight-training center and cross country trails
    Use of state-of-the-art facilities at The Hotchkiss School.
    Off-campus partnership with Butternut Ski Area.

  • Campus Dormitories

    Lower Doolittle
    Upper Doolittle
    Lower West
    Upper West
    Moore House
  • Community Service

    Our motto is life through service. 
    Our students understand the value of giving
    and participating in social awareness fundraisers
    such as By Kids for Kids, Hoops for Food,
    weekly visits to local senior centers and
    other community volunteer work.

Upper Campus FAQ

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  • Q. Who sends their child to IMS?

    Parents who are looking to meet the needs of their children head on send their children to IMS.  Students who go to IMS may need or be looking for more of an academic challenge, greater diversity amongst the student body, smaller classes and more attentive teachers. Parents who send their children to IMS "have simply done their due diligence in looking honestly for a setting in which their children can maximize their potential." --Shelly Jackson, Junior Boarding School Association
  • Q. What makes an IMS education unique?

    We strike a balance between academics, athletics, and activities by giving our students the opportunity to be a part of multiple activities in the same day. All of our students participate in the regular academic day and a sport, but that does not prevent them from also having the time to play an instrument, be a part of a drama production, sing in the choir, or do an independent study project (ninth grade only). 

    The Ninth Grade Year is a distinct, academically rich, developmentally appropriate, culminating “Senior” experience that both recognizes and harnesses this unique time in adolescent development. Incredibly capable intellectually, and extraordinarily vulnerable socially, we give young teens a safe setting to study and grow within an outstanding academic program, with exceptional opportunities to lead.

    Our Electives Program allows our students the opportunity to develop passions and interests they may pursue in higher education and into their professional lives. Courses offered include digital photography, film editing, robotics, the stock market, and “improv” theater.

    Our Outdoor Adventure and Education (OAE) program gives our students a way to challenge themselves and take risks they may not have thought of taking, centering around developing teambuilding skills, extending our reach from the Appalachian Trail to the coast of Maine for our ninth grade boat trip.
  • Q. Where do IMS students go after they graduate?

    Our job is to prepare our students for whatever their next step may be after they graduate. By working with our Placement Program and our Secondary School Advisor, we are able to help each student find the best fit for his or her wants and needs. The process starts in the spring with our eighth grade class, and ends with 99% of our departing students attending a broad range of well-recognized and highly respected secondary schools.  

  • Q. What does it mean to be an IMS athlete or coach?

    Rooted in sportsmanship, skill development, passion, and healthy competition, there are three levels of IMS Athletes: varsity, JV, and recreational. Our varsity athletes are serious and competitive. Often the "underdog," playing an older, secondary school JV level or third level team, IMS athletes have many times over been the victors in these games.  Our JV athletes, viewed more as our developmental athletes, are usually our younger students or those trying a sport for the first time.  We pride ourselves on using the JV level as a stepping stone into our varsity programs. Our recreational ski and tennis teams are non-competitive. Our coaches have themselves, more often than not, played the sport they are coaching at the collegiate level and have a deep knowledge and passion for their sport.

    We believe sports are about more than just winning and losing.  The athletics program at IMS reflects the school’s valued traditions of fair play, cooperation, sportsmanship, and love of the game. Talented and motivated coaches work closely with each student to enhance their educational experience and improve self-discipline, respect, communication skills, and collaboration.

  • Q. What is "The spirit of the Mountain?"

    Maroon and Gray  

    Each year every new student, faculty, and staff member is assigned to either the Maroon or Gray team. The honor of wearing Maroon or Gray goes back generations, never once should a family member wear a color opposite that which was worn by those that went before them. 

    During the year these two teams will compete in various events including Mountain Day. Mountain Day is the first of the Maroon and Gray competition days, slated for a mystery day during each fall term only to be announced on the chosen day to a roar of spirit from the rival teams.  Teams then spend the rest of the day donning their colors and competing in tricycle races, egg toss, and "pass the peanut," followed by Manhunt and finishing up with the longstanding tradition of the ninth grade water slide.

    What happens when you win? The following year, the winning color of the prior year will adorn the yearbook cover and benches in the courtyard. Their team flag will also fly on the flagpole in the courtyard for the entire school year. Nothing like a little friendly competition!
  • Q. What kind of academic help is available?

    Our Academic Support on the Upper Campus provides intensive, remedial, and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring for those who need instruction beyond that offered in the classroom. Help Classes are also offered two afternoons a week and on Saturday mornings where students may meet with teachers for make-up work, enrichment, or voluntary study time.
  • Q. What do IMS boarders do on the weekends?

    Weekends at IMS are designed to take advantage of a mountain view as our backdrop and two major cities within a day’s drive from our doorstep. We try to offer something for every interest and mood, tapping into a wide variety of cultural events and destinations, athletic competitions, outdoor adventures, culinary experiences, and local programs while also reserving time for studying and academic needs, and moments for quiet reflection to call home or watch a movie.

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  • What I Love About IMS

    "I love that I have really been exposed to a great deal of opportunities and experiences."
    "I love that I’m eager to go to school, excited for my classes, and I’m having a great time."
    "When I first got here, I was really scared, but everybody here was just awesome!  I love it here now."
    "I’ve never taken guitar before coming to IMS, so I was really nervous, but I love it! I always look forward to it in my schedule."
    "Community to me is about a group of people helping others be the best they can be in a very caring and supportive way.  I love this community."
    "I love experiencing things I have never done before. I have never played lacrosse or been a part of team sports and it is awesome!"
    "I love competition and here at IMS I can compete at a level that energizes me."
  • What My Parents Love About IMS

    "IMS is safe, kind, warm, and welcoming."

    "The quality teaching at IMS is unmatched by others schools we looked at for our children."

    "The foundation of the school is built upon supportive, caring faculty."

    "IMS is fun and challenging for my children."

    "We all love the family atmosphere at IMS."