Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine


Ask any student what IMS represents to him or her, and you will hear a reflection on community—a community where all members lead and contribute; where friends and rivals treat each other with respect; where students take risks, fall down, and get back up again, often with the helping hand of a classmate or teacher; where relationships with teachers are strong, specific, supportive, and challenging; where each child is known and believed in deeply by a tapestry of teachers, coaches, and advisors so that each will develop and demonstrate the courage to climb.

Our strategic plan builds on that legacy. We’ve affirmed and articulated our core values and used them to guide us in designing an increasingly engaging, transformational, and relevant learning environment for our students and teachers. So many IMS students have benefitted from the experience of learning and living in our community during the formative years of their education. Our “Portrait of an IMS Student” captures all that we aim to do and be as a community of learners, while we build deep connections between people, our environment, and the passions that give us purpose and joy. We are integrating our greatest strengths as the foundation for learning:

Our Setting
Life Through Service
Our Commitment to Engagement

We present this plan as a call to action and ask all of us who believe in IMS to have the courage to climb. Achieving our vision will call upon our skills, resources, and focus, but the path up our mountain is clear and inspired by the courage IMS students demonstrate every day. Join us as we commit to the journey ahead.

Jody Reilly Soja
Head of School

Maria Horn
Former Board of Trustees President (2013-2018)