Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine

Our Process

Our Method

  • 7 surveys completed by alumni, parents, students, and faculty
  • 9 focus groups of parents, students, alumni, and faculty/staff
  • 8 presentations to parents, alumni, faculty, and staff to provide updates on strategic planning progress
  • Data aggregation from all sources
  • 3 two-day off-sites with the Greenwich Leadership Partners (June ’16, November ’16, April ’17)
  • 4 Strategic Planning Committee meetings
  • Dozens of Steering Committee meetings
  • Board Reports (October ’16, January ’17, March ’17, June ’17)

Our Team

Strategic Planning Committee

Andrew Bogardus P’19’20
Maja Clark P’24’26’28
Heather Eckert, Director of Admissions P’26
Lori Garofalo, Trustee P’15’17
Stephen Garofolo ’17
Alex Hodosy, Dean of Faculty
Rich Horosky, Faculty Member P’24’28
Kamal Ibrahim ’17
Andrew Kryzak ’98
Dylan Mattes, Trustee ’93
Loraine Richardson McCray P’16
Hayden Riva ’17
Thomas McGlone, Faculty Member P’05,’07,’09,’11
Aaron McNally ’84
Ore Tejuoso ’18
Anna Traggio, Trustee P’16,’18,’20,’22

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Jody Soja, Head of School P’22,’24
Maria Horn, President of the Board P’12,’14,’16
Cheryl Sleboda, CFO/Business Manager
Justin Vagliano, Trustee ’89, P’14’20
Chriffo Sanger, Trustee ’86, P’18,’20
Sarah Breakell, Faculty Member