Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine

Portrait of an IMS Student

Who is an IMS student?

List of 4 items.

  • IM a Scholar

    • I want to know more about the world and my classmates; I ask questions and listen actively in pursuit of academic growth.
    • I learn from my peers and enjoy working together as a team to come up with new ideas and solve complex problems.
    Globally Aware
    • I have lived, studied, and played with classmates and peers from around the world, and I appreciate the importance of different perspectives.
  • IM a Communicator

    • I am able to share my ideas and my work in a variety of settings.
    • I have the confidence to articulate my strengths and challenges. I ask for and offer support for myself and others.
    • I am engaged and open to multiple points of view.
  • IM a Citizen

    Community Leader
    • I use my skills and values to think critically about my community and the world, to build relationships and to and to identify and solve complex problems.
    • I understand the value of and engage in service to my community.
    Environmentally Aware
    • I appreciate the natural environment I live in and actively do my part to care for it.
  • IM Courageous

    • I seek new challenges, opportunities and activities and trust those around me for support.
    • I am not afraid to fail, and can achieve difficult ends with grit and humor.
    • I can be a scholar, athlete and artist, and will use a variety of skills to grow with our rapidly changing world. I am open to exploring the unknown and ready to embrace all surprises.