Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine

Strategic Vision and Priorities

Strategic Vision

Our vision is of a vibrant, joyful community of learners where every child is known, supported, and inspired. IMS will provide a distinctive and transformational learning experience, making use of our extraordinary campus to connect our curriculum to the world around us. Our cohesive program will prepare students with the skills and habits of mind necessary for future success.

Strategic Priorities

List of 5 items.

  • Our Community as a Classroom

    Students who learn and live well in their community understand how to make a positive impact.

    • Emphasize community traditions, gatherings and programming that reinforce the Core Values and instill a playful school life
    • Enhance the quality of life for all on campus by investing in facilities, residential programming, and staffing
    • Increase collaboration across divisions
    • Ensure optimized spaces for community gathering and activities
  • Our Mountain as a Classroom

    Our campus provides unique opportunities for experiential learning, outdoor play, and personal growth.

    • Re-imagine use of the mountain to optimize the outdoor adventure program and provide access to our natural setting
    • Integrate our curriculum with our natural resources in order to develop students’ critical thinking and curiosity, as well as physical health and wellbeing
    • Commit to environmental sustainability through our curriculum
  • Life Through Service

    Our founding motto endures as a motivating principle for our community and program.

    • Deepen our commitment to service by integrating it more strongly into the daily life of school
    • Re-imagine and redefine what service means by engaging in discussions throughout our extended community
    • Expand environmental sustainability projects to use as learning experiences while protecting our natural resources
  • Teaching for Relevance and Purpose

    Teachers and students benefit from a collaborative learning environment
    informed by research, reflection, and ongoing feedback.

    • Design a learning experience that aligns with our priorities, our values, and our knowledge of each individual student.
    • Update and map the school-wide curriculum
    • Invest in professional development that supports institutional goals for effective pedagogy and curriculum design
  • For IMS

    As we approach our centennial in 2022, it is our responsibility to ensure we can advance our mission and vision to benefit future generations of IMS students.

    • Ensure we have the facilities to support our programmatic choices
    • Balance enrollment to support a robust program while providing high level of attention to all students
    • Focus the scope of our co-curricular programmatic offerings to support our mission and enhance the student experience
    • Optimize the organizational structure of the school in order to align it with our vision and priorities
    • Grow the endowment by engaging the community in our vision - and inviting their participation in the future of IMS