Co-ed junior boarding and day school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine

Grades Five and Six

From math to Mandarin, classes in the Middle School at Indian Mountain are invigorating, hands-on, thought-provoking, focused, collaborative … anything but boring!

In the Middle School, students spend their day with a small team of teachers who also serve as the advisors for that grade. This relaxed and comfortable “school within a school” enables us to challenge and support all students. It is a transition between a typical elementary school, with contained classrooms, and our Upper School, where students change classes each period.

Students enjoy all the resources of our Upper Campus—library and technology resources, well-equipped science labs, art studios, and extensive athletic facilities—within a curriculum specifically designed to meet their developmental level and needs.

The Middle School curriculum combines a firm foundation in traditional academic topics with an emphasis on the process of learning. All students take Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin in order to choose a language direction in the Upper School. We have a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, including private music lessons, outdoor education, serving on the diversity committee, and an array of excellent arts and athletics options.

Classes mix teacher-directed activities with independent work, group work, and student projects and presentations. Our goal is to involve students in a variety of activities and to develop their thinking skills in a variety of settings. We support a range of learning styles and prepare these developing scholars to succeed in the different classrooms they will encounter along their educational journey.

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