Academic Support

At IMS, we believe that access to the right support network is crucial in helping students reach their potential.

We provide supportive, remedial, or English as a Second Language (ELL) tutoring for those who need instruction beyond that offered in the classroom. Experienced tutors work with students on a one-to-one basis during the academic day and offer strategies to faculty, while monitoring academic progress. 

Supportive and Remedial Tutoring

Tutoring can be offered following the diagnosis of learning and processing needs. 

Supportive tutoring includes executive functioning skills, study skills (test taking, note taking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, etc.), and assistance with homework or a particular subject area. Available to grades 5-9.

Remedial tutoring includes prescriptive work to provide new learning techniques. Academic Support staff use the Orton-Gillingham method as the basis for the remediation of specific language-based disabilities. Available to grades 5-9.

English Language Learners Tutoring

English Language Learners tutoring provides English language instruction for our students who need work beyond the English Language Learning Humanities program on the Upper Campus. Available to grades 6-9.

Ascend Program

Ascend Program is designed to support students with dyslexia and other diagnosed, language-based learning differences. This program focuses on a multi-sensory, sequential, and cumulative approach to building language proficiency.

Academic Support at the Lower Campus

(Pre-K – Grade 4)

  • Small groups for literacy instruction
  • A math specialist who supports teachers through small group pull-outs, challenge activities, and co-teaching
  • Small homeroom classes with opportunities for multi-age learning and differentiated teaching
  • Ascend Program support for students in first through fourth grade with dyslexia and other diagnosed, language-based learning differences.
  • A whole-child approach to student success, with teachers working together to understand all aspects of the school experience