Campus Tour

Upper Campus Tour

Home to boarding and day students in grades 5-9, our 600-acre Upper Campus features a 4:1 student-teacher ratio, more than 100 boarding students, a relevant curriculum, and an integrated Outdoor and Adventure Education program. It’s our belief that students learn best when engaged in learning that is informed by the world around them.

Lower Campus Tour

Located on a 13-acre nationally certified wildlife habitat, our Lower Campus provides our Pre-K-Grade 4 students a tailor-made environment to support their development. With a strong emergent curriculum and instant access to the outdoors, our faculty deliver a relevant, engaging, and fun experience.

This We Believe

“The 1st of January. A significant day, not because we were starting a new decade, or because it’s the first day of the year. But because I decided that on this day, I was going to start wearing my hijab.”

—Sohaila I. ’20