Other Campus Improvements

Recent improvements to our campus

Enhancing Our Campus and Facilities

Over the past several years, we have made a number of improvements to our physical plant. Everything from dorm renovations to fresh coats of paint throughout campus have given our school a bright and modern look and feel. Though these enhancements may seem small, they have had a big impact on our school.

Stockton Dorm
In 2019, we witnessed a rapid transformation of Stockton dorm, including a new common area,  a renovated bathroom, a second hallway of rooms, and providing us space for more than 100 total boarding students on campus.

Faculty Housing
We added new faculty housing to our Upper Campus as part of our continued efforts to attract and retain highly qualified faculty and staff. 

Solar Field
Through donor support, we completed the installation of a three-acre solar field last year, which provides power to the Main Building, Doolittle dorm, the Outdoor Working Lab, and the Student Center.

Other Dorm Updates
In addition to our renovation of Stockton dorm, we have made improvements and updates to Lower West and Doolittle dormitories. 


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