Pre-K – Grade 4

Our youngest learners may be small, but their imaginations are larger than life. And you can see it written across their faces; they’re genuinely happy to be learning here.

Down the road from our Upper Campus sits our Lower School. Having a separate campus for our youngest learners provides them with an environment tailor-made to support their development. Each day we celebrate the joyful curiosity of childhood both inside the classroom and out on the 13-acres of land surrounding the campus. Nestled on a nationally certified wildlife habitat, nature is practically part of the classroom. Thanks to our beautiful location, and guided by research supporting the benefits of nature on brain development, we spend as much time outdoors as possible! 

Our curriculum is strong and creative with instruction matching a variety of learning styles. Through an emergent curriculum, our Lower School teachers have the flexibility to harness the interests of students and adapt our program to make learning relevant, engaging, and fun. We set high standards and work to nurture an enthusiasm for learning that will last a lifetime. Every step along the way is marked by the importance of play, the outdoors, and curiosity. 

After-School Program

We offer an after-school program for students wishing to squeeze a little bit more out of the school day. Activities include everything from art to outdoor adventures to creative play. The program is available Monday-Friday from 3:15-5:00 p.m.

Integrated Learning

The Lower School is all about building relationships. Relationships that connect students with their peers, with their teachers, with the campus, and with the community. Relationships are also built between the classrooms and subjects, so that students are inspired in an integrated and foundational way connecting the dots between literacy, math, art, music, science and social studies and in turn, the real world.