Outdoor Adventure & Education

It’s a well-known fact that being immersed in nature benefits brain development and personal wellbeing. At IMS, we harness the power of our 600-acre campus and put our mountain at the center of our learning.

Whether exploring the miles of trails on our mountain or adventuring to nearby campsites and hiking destinations, the Outdoor Adventure and Education (OAE) program offers a thoughtfully designed curriculum that brings together academics and health and wellness (and lots of fun).

We often talk about using our “Mountain as a Classroom,” which emphasizes our mission to provide students of all ages with unique opportunities for experiential learning, outdoor play, and personal growth. That’s where OAE comes in.

New Net-Zero Building

In our new Outdoor Working Lab, known as the “O.W.L.,” the line separating classroom and nature is blurred. In this setting, reading and discussing a book in English class becomes a transformative experience. Science classes have direct access to test and analyze biological matter from our ponds or collected rain water. Outdoor community spaces, such as a fire pit and observation deck, allow our students to spend quality time outdoors with friends. This 1500-square-foot building is immersed in nature with breathtaking views. Powered by our brand new solar field, this state-of-the-art, net-zero building is quickly becoming a staple on campus. Year-round, it allows our students in Pre-K through Grade 9 to learn, become inspired, practice mindfulness, explore, and grow

The O.W.L.

Ropes Courses and Climbing Structures

On our Lower Campus, our youngest learners build strength and develop confidence using our indoor climbing wall. As students travel to our Upper Campus, they gain access to an even larger indoor climbing wall, as well as a 40-foot outdoor climbing wall with two faces for multiple difficulty levels. Each student spends time on our state-of-the-art ropes courses, featuring a zipline, a “sky walk,” a balance beam, and 36 additional high and low elements. These facilities offer numerous opportunities for grade-level bonding, leadership training, and small group activities throughout the year.

Trips for Each Grade

We are conveniently located within driving distance to some of the best hiking and camping in the Northeast. Students in grades five through nine embark on grade-level camping and hiking trips with an emphasis on problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and confidence building. Whether it’s a visit to the Appalachian Trail, white-water rafting in the Berkshires, or a 3-day camping trip to the White Mountains, our staff of trained and accredited instructors are passionate about delivering safe, fun, and memorable outdoor experiences for all our students. In the process, they nurture a deep respect for nature and form life-long bonds with their peers.