This We Believe

In 1951, American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow brought human connection into the living rooms of 39 million Americans each week through his radio program, This I Believe.

Throughout its four-year run on CBS, everyday Americans joined the ranks of public figures like Hellen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Robinson on-air. The program unified the nation and, according to Murrow, became a platform for “people of all kinds” to write about “the things they have found to be the basic values in their lives.”

Today, the legacy of Murrow’s This I Believe series lives on. Inspired by its origins and its ability to bring shape to a community, each ninth grade student at IMS conceptualizes, writes, and delivers a This I Believe speech in front of the school. Their stories of perseverance and life-altering experiences highlight the trust that our students have in each other and our community’s commitment to embrace vulnerability. These speeches also provide our ninth grade students valuable practice with essay writing, critical thinking, and public speaking. Most importantly, they afford students an opportunity to empathize with their peers, ultimately bringing our community closer together.

Sohaila I.

Annie H.

Giaco T.

Cameron H.

Yujin K.

Jackson R.