Boarding Life

IMS is home to more than 100 students from across the country and world.

Boarders live in six different dorms across our 600-acre campus in the southernmost part of the Berkshires, and given our close proximity to New York City and access to the outdoors, there is never a dull moment. 

Our dormitories represent a place for our students to feel safe, to connect, and to grow. Most students live with a roommate and over the course of the school year learn skills that support their independence. Weeknights offer time to work, time to relax, and time to connect with friends, while our weekend programs are loaded with opportunities. The bonds formed amongst our boarding community are truly for life.

7-Day Boarding

Our 7-day boarding program is available to students in grades 5–9. Students become fully immersed in our residential life community and develop the tools and skills needed to be successful in secondary school and in life. Our evolving weekend program is a highlight for our 7-day boarding students, who take full advantage of our surroundings and the diverse programming that is offered each week.

We also offer a limited space 5-day boarding program to students in grades 5–9. This opportunity enables children to immerse themselves in our boarding community during the week and spend weekends at home. For families wishing to test the waters prior to secondary school, this flexible option may offer the best of both worlds.

Faculty & Staff Contacts