Learning at IMS

Our curriculum is designed to inspire students to examine the world—and to be the change they wish to see in it.

Whether the discovery of a dragonfly on the playground turns into a unit on biomimicry or a project on global poverty shifts the way a child thinks, our curriculum is built with purpose.

Our Pre-K through Grade 9 curriculum is designed with the understanding that our students have the power to effect real change, and that it is our job to help them realize that potential. At each grade level we deliver content, reinforce skills, and spark creativity to help students thrive now and into the future.

By bringing real-world issues into play, students grow into active and responsible participants in their own education and become inspired to think beyond themselves.

This We Believe

“On this ‘growing up journey’ I encountered several people that I didn’t initially understand. For some of them, their happiness came from possession and power. For others, praise constituted instant gratification. Well, what is left after these external factors are removed from the equation?”

—Annie H. ’20