On Wednesday, September 22nd, the Ninth grade class departed the IMS Student Center in two groups, with nervous excitement for the three-day adventure ahead. For many of the students, this would be the first time they had ever gone backpacking, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire were a great unknown. The White Mountains are part of the northern Appalachian Mountains, and are considered some of the toughest terrain in New England.  

The groups arrived at their respective trail heads to start this three day, two night adventure. One group hiked to the Galehead hut and the other group to the Zealand Falls Hut. They arrived at the Appalachian Mountain Club huts in time for dinner. They played games and heard stories of adventure from thru-hikers, including tales from a hiking legend named “Nimblewill Nomad.” 

The next morning, both groups packed up and headed out on Twin way trail with the challenge of summiting South Twin Mountain and Mount Guyot en route to their next destination. This hike was a tough one, with students climbing to 4,902 feet and summiting two peaks. 

After two nights of family-style dinners, games, and sharing personal stories, plus days of hiking the trails in mixed weather conditions with beautiful scenery, the students travelled back to IMS. Ms. Statile and the rest of the faculty are very proud of this class of students for persevering, for stepping out of their comfort zones, and for supporting each other throughout this tripS