Representatives from team Maroon and team Gray went brain to brain in the Annual Academic Bowl on May 26th. Global Language Department Chair Tom McGlone was in his element, firing questions and quips at each team, on a variety of topics ranging from worldly to weird. The audience was packed with supporters of team Maroon, represented by Ingrid Schmitt, Rob Relyea, Andrew Ju and Russel Soja, and team Gray, represented by Beck Collins, Ben Wistar, Minnie Li and Fritz Weihman.

The final question of the night was:  “Our second Head of School, William Doolittle, was Headmaster from 1939 to 1970, serving all those years except for one four-year period. What was the reason he left the school for four years?”  Answer: He served in the Army from 1942-1946, during World War II.

It was a nail biter, and at the end, Team Gray emerged victorious, with 440 points over Maroon’s 390. Celebratory cheers could be heard across the entire IMS campus.