Final Recap of 2021-2022

By Eliza Statile

What an exciting season it was for our athletes and their coaches this spring! On Tuesday, May 31, the entire student body and faculty gathered in the Assembly Hall, where team captains shared highlights from the season, and coaches presented awards, including Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Coaches Awards and more. Here are the standout moments of growth and success for each of our eleven teams, as well as the spring sports award recipients:

The Varsity Tennis team had a successful and exciting season with a very talented ladder. Coach Hodosy and Coach Rincon awarded ninth grader Andrew Ju, “the most positive and upbeat athlete” the Coaches Award due to his consistency and positive presence on the court. Playing number one on the ladder this season, Minnie Li was the top pick for Most Valuable Player. She is described as an athlete whose impressive skill was recognized by her opponents at first glance during warm ups, and who takes wins and losses with grace.  We wish her the best of luck next year on the courts at Hotchkiss. 

Led by Coach Charles and Coach Bush, the Junior Varsity Tennis Program recognized three athletes for their skills this season. Both Rose Morlock and Mateo Garciarramos Petricioli received Coaches Awards for their “quiet leadership and willingness to help without being asked” and for their positive attitude this season. David Wan was recognized as Most Valuable Player for his incredible play at the net (which the team even named a move after), and for his skills this season that set him above the rest.

Although the Developmental Tennis Team does not compete against any other school and is solely focused on the fundamentals and development of skill, it is easy to say that this team won in the fun department this season! The team kicked off our Sports Awards ceremony by reminiscing on the amazing colored sunglasses that the team rocked at practice, and the many fun memories that they had together with Coach Littler and Coach Schmitt.

This season the Varsity Softball team had one of the deepest benches that the program has ever had. Coach Vaughn and Coach Schopp are proud of the team for keeping their chins up during challenging games when the score did not reflect the level of softball they were playing. Ingrid Schmitt, a silent leader who made many graceful catches and played beautifully at 1st base was awarded the Coaches Awards for her efforts this season. In addition, Greta Dunavant, a member of the softball team since 5th grade, was a force to be reckoned with behind the base and was awarded the second Coaches Award of the season. Although many student athletes showed significant improvement this season, Winter Williams stood above the rest with her “sunny personality” and improvement that she showed to make quick catches and influential hits. The team’s pitcher, Harper Polson was awarded team MVP for her consistent strikeouts and her hard work to improve her power lines and create stronger throws.

The Varsity Baseball Team led by Captains Jack Nestler and John Maida had a successful season, finishing with 6 wins and 1 loss. Jack and John described the team as one with a “spirit and community that is different than any other team at IMS.” Two Coaches awards were handed out to 9th graders Jayden Hernandez and Liam Colley. Jayden was recognized for “doing the dirty work behind the plate as catcher,” and Liam was a significant contributor in the outfield and on the pitching mound. Lastly, captains John Maida and Jack Nestler were awarded co-MVP’s for their impressive play and dominating performances to help lead the Falcon’s to some big wins. 

The Junior Varsity Baseball Team began the season with a combination of passionate returning baseball players and many athletes who were new to the sport. Described by their captains as the “Bad News Bears” at the beginning of the season, the team certainly turned it around as the season progressed, ending undefeated and with Coach C Pecchia as proud as he has ever been of a team. Three Most Valuable Player awards were handed out, to George Dreger (the team’s number one pitcher), Dennis Nestler (starting catcher), and Rex Ezrow (second baseman).

The Varsity Golf Team competed in 6 matches this season with the most memorable one at Silo Ridge Country Club, on a beautiful course. Coach Miles and Coach Visockis awarded James Teng, a first time golfer, the Most Improved Player award for his growth this season and his positive attitude on the pitch. In addition, the Coaches Award was given to Macie Blue, another first time golfer who was always smiling, coachable, and asking questions to improve her game. The MVP of the season, Jonah Hourihan, is a well rounded player who golfed in the number one position for the Falcons, ending with four wins and one loss, which is an impressive record against a wide span of athletes including seniors in high school.

The Varsity Girls Lacrosse team had a very successful season including a first place finish against Rumsey Hall School to win the Junior Girls Lacrosse Tournament and a final record of thirteen wins and two close losses. Co-captains and twins, Georgia and Rory Perkins, were awarded team MVP’s for their “grit, passion, and fighting spirit” this season, and for their ability to create opportunities for their team and come up with big possessions and goals. 9th grader Alexa Billo was awarded the Coaches Award for her positive attitude, team-first spirit, and incredible leadership and communication skills. The Most Improved Player award was given to Emma Ohler, a newcomer to the sport who improved so much this season it is hard to believe it was her first time with a lacrosse stick in her hand. 

The JV Girls Lacrosse had a very successful season, culminating in a huge double overtime win against Rumsey. A newcomer to the sport, Coco Wang, showed remarkable improvement with both her understanding of the game as well as her skills on the field this season and was awarded the Most Improved Player award. Coach Perkins awarded co-captains and 9th grade leaders, Ella Main and Colette Tcherevkoff two of the three Coaches Awards for their positive contribution and leadership throughout the season. The last Coaches Award was given to Harper Pecchia for her skills on the field and her willingness to do anything for the betterment of the team.

The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team had a slow start to the season with a tough loss against Fairfield Country Day School. This loss and dip motivated them to work even harder and fight back, ending the season on a high note at Fessenden and winning the Junior Boys Lacrosse Tournament. Jose Jiménez Rodríguez was awarded the most improved player award for his coachability and quick improvement to become one of the go-to long pole defenders on the team who can throw checks and play physical. Described as the athlete who wears the “most heart on his sleeve,” Tieler Traggio was awarded the Coaches Award for his dominant performances on faceoffs, hard work and important goals this season. Lastly, the Most Valuable Player award was given to Russell Soja who was the “rock in goal” for the Falcons and has shown significant improvement over the past few years to become one of the most talented goalies to ever pass through IMS. 

The JV Boys Lacrosse team completed the season with five wins, four losses, and one tie on the season. The team reflected on “warrior runs” on the mountain and Fudgies trips as some highlights from the season as well as their toughest game of the season against Dutchess Day School. The Coaches Award was given to Will Soja for his coachability, team-first mentality, and for embodying good sportsmanship and character. With twelve new players in a team of nineteen, the Most Improved Player was challenging to select. As the anchor to the team defense in goal, and for his humility and poise as an athlete who is talented and new to the sport, Wally Rollins was recognized as the Most Improved Player. Lastly, James Vasquez was coined the team MVP for his “clutch” performances and ability to step up big when the team needed an important moment and a momentum switch.

During the first ever competitive Ultimate Frisbee season, the Falcons represented IMS with pride and showed significant improvement and flow on the field. Winston Walter was recognized as the team’s Most Valuable Player who played a significant roles on both offense and defense, as well as on the sidelines. In addition, he was often paired with some of the most challenging matchups and played some of the tightest defense. The Most Improved Player was awarded to Copey Rollins for the joy that he brought to the game and the significant growth that he showed as an athlete on the field. A unique award to the frisbee team, the Falcon Award, which is described as an award for the player who has done the most for the welfare of IMS frisbee, was given to Ben Wistar, who is a talented handler and cutter, as well as an overall talented and humble player.


Congratulations to all of our teams and award recipients. Have a great “off season” this summer. As always, GO FALCONS!