The strength of our community is the result of intentional and deeply personal work across both our campuses. Each student has a role to play. And through the course of this work, we find it important to recognize and celebrate each other as often as possible. The most common form of recognition is a Kudos Card, which affords us the opportunity to celebrate a small act that may lead to larger change. At times though, the impact that a student has on our community goes beyond a Kudos Card and that is where the Mountain Card comes in.

On October 19th, the first Mountain Card of the year was awarded to Chris ’21. You can read the inscription on the card below.


A young man receiving a card from a woman


“Some among us just stand straighter–so morally steadfast and immutably good that their very posture is affected. From that position, they guide, support, and care for the members of the community that they are a part of. An ever rarer few are able to pair this brand of leadership with a deeply introspective and self-analytical nature that fosters self-improvements as well as community successes. Or, more accurately, community success because of self-improvements, because to them, the “self” and the “community” are inextricably linked entities about which they care passionately.

Chris W. is one such exemplary student and community member. Chris, wise beyond his years, has served his peers and teachers since his first day at IMS. He is a friend to all, a caretaker for his roommates when they fall ill, a passionate learner, a global citizen, and a dedicated student. Chris is not a student who seeks praise; he is fulfilled by working towards self- and community improvement all while demonstrating compassion, gratitude, and humility. For example: In a recent conversation with Chris, he explained that while he may seem and sometimes even feels like he “has it all figured out,” he in fact is still looking for that which he is truly meant to do and how he is truly meant to serve. His certainness about his uncertainty here should be an inspiration to us all. It demonstrates that this sort of striving, endeavoring, and reaching must come from deep within, but that it can have lifelong impacts on those without.

Chris, may your mind always remain equanimous and your heart open wide. For your depth of character and uprightness-of-being we, the Indian Mountain School faculty, award you Indian Mountain’s highest honor: The Mountain Card.”