Our Farm & Forest club had a very busy fall, with harvest season in full swing at Hotchkiss School’s Fairfield Farm. The farm boasts more than 280+ acres of natural farmland, and our students are fortunate neighbors who get to visit, explore, work, and learn there.

This fall, students have been harvesting tomatoes and eggplants, feeding chickens, moving fencing, cleaning up the greenhouses for the next season, and even shucking corn kernels prior to them being ground into flour. This experiential learning has been a wonderful way to spend time outdoors while gaining a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture, life cycles of plants and animals, and the tangible rewards of hard work. 

As the year progresses, the Farm to Forest Club will begin to explore other areas of our community, enjoying local trails, supporting the community garden on our Lower Campus, and even trying their hand at some farm-to-table cooking on the Upper Campus.