As Harry Bainbridge puts it, “To understand film, is to understand its nature as a universal medium, which encompasses all cultures and peoples.” Through this philosophy he approaches writing, directing, and producing films. His eclectic past influences his craft.

After graduating from Indian Mountain School as a member of the Class of 2004, Harry attended The Hotchkiss School, studied Mandarin Chinese at Georgetown University, and then graduated as a film major from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. His travels took him to Poland where he tutored students in English for many summers; on a two-month train trip from Washington, D.C. to San Diego California with his best friend from Kabul, Afghanistan; and to London, England, where he studied percussion on the streets of Camden Market to become a Master Djembe (African Hand Drum) Player.

Though Harry has lived in many places and pursued many interests, film remains a constant in his life and is where he discovers and investigates a universal common ground.

Harry was the recipient of a specially created award from the faculty at the Hotchkiss art department, for his assistance with the audio-visual department.  His film THE CHESS SHOP has been shown at the Hot Springs Documentary Festival, and finally he was the 2nd place winner of the International Dannon Yogurt Marketing Competition of 2010.

The IMS alumnus will share his filmmaking experience at the IndiMountain Film Festival on May 26. Harry will show the film, Slice, which features IMS students and then answer questions from the audience. This summer, he will be back on campus directing his new film, Michael, that is set at a small boarding school much like IMS.