There is an exciting new program happening on campus this summer. In partnership with Camp Sloane YMCA, we are offering two specialty programs for their campers–a Filmmaking Camp and a Rock Band Camp. These new summer specialty programs are solely offered through Camp Sloane. There will be two separate filmmaking sessions, taught by our very own experienced and talented faculty, Tom McGlone and Tory Jadow. We are thrilled to have them extend what they do so well with our students into the summer months. Additionally, Ram Miles will offer his always popular and successful Rock Band. Both programs will take place in our beautiful new student center with our state-of-the-art equipment. Camp Sloane campers will be transported to our campus and get to experience a sampling of our diverse arts and music programming. Our goal is to grow this local partnership by adding more programming over time, extending into academics, Fab Lab, sports, and a wider sampling of the arts. Below are more details about the sessions for this summer, which you can also find on the Camp Sloane website.

Filmmaking Camp: June 29 – July 12: Tom McGlone or July 27 – August 9: Tory Jadow
This two-week filmmaking workshop includes hands-on exposure to script writing, story-boarding, shooting, directing, and editing. Using HD cameras, lights, sound equipment, and industry-standard editing programs, students will alternate roles in order to experience each important job during production. Whenever possible, we will supplement our work with examples from classic movies, short films, and documentaries, as well as potential visits from industry professionals. The goal is to complete one short film to be shared with friends and family at a final screening and on Vimeo or YouTube.

Rock Band Camp: Session 3, July 13 – July 26, Taught by Ram Miles
Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? Guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboardists, singers, saxophone and trumpet players, harmonica players, pianists, and others welcome. Some prior skill on your instrument is preferred. This workshop is ideal for those interested in performing rock, blues, or jazz. Learning melodies, solos, bass lines, drum patterns, and more. Learning how to improvise is at the heart of this band. The group will practice rock and jazz standards from several periods, as the players bring their own take on the music in each performance. Get ready to rock!
As in the past, we will be running our Arts Camp at the Lower Campus in June, as well the Fast Start program in August. For more information and to register visit our Summer Programs page on the IMS website.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this new addition to our summer programs, email Kati Frisina or call her at 860-435-0871 x106.