Our teams have been training hard and competing in great match-ups. Here is this week’s Falcon Report by Adam Marcia.

The Varsity Hockey Girl’s team played at Rumsey Hall last Friday. IMS came out of the gate with power, and Paisley and Becca brought the team spirit. Frances was often blitzing into a lane and skated up the ice to give IMS the advantage. Anna made a precise pass to Becca, who finished to score a goal. Harper stepped up on defense to force the puck out of the zone and always made sure to backcheck. Gibby was pinching at the points in order to open up the opportunity for the rest of the team shoot on goal. Despite the great effort our Falcons did  did not take home a win with this one, but the players are eager to get back out on the ice tomorrow when they face New Canaan. 

Varsity Hockey then played yesterday at Brunswick. Papa Kofi stick-lifted the puck in the air to Rob, who broke away and scored. Not long after, Becca stole the puck from an opposing player and made a breakaway to bring in another goal for the Falcons. Shout out to Rob and Becca for scoring their first goal of the season! Lionel was getting bombarded in the goal, but he came out of the game with an impressive total of 54 saves. 

JV Hockey had many of their female players come to play with the Varsity girls this past Friday at Rumsey. Sophia, Emma, and Marlo all played their first game. The rest of the team also stepped up and played as a unit. Congratulations to the JV girls for a great showing out and bringing the competition to Rumsey. Support this team again tomorrow when they face New Canaan’s girl’s team with some of the Varsity players. 

Varsity Girls Basketball played Berkshire’s 3rds team this past Friday. The Falcons were dynamic on both offense and defense this game. They made many strong fast breaks to keep a consistent lead throughout. IMS came out with the victory, winning by 14 points over the high schoolers. 

Varsity Girls Basketball also played yesterday versus long-time rival, Rumsey Hall. IMS came out strong in the first half. The girls were knocking down shots and really hitting their stride on offense. In the second half, Rumsey caught a second wind and started making comeback. The Falcons held their ground and played the passing game as they still kept their lead. IMS ended up winning over Rumsey by 11 points! Wish the girls luck as they go on to face Region 1 tomorrow at 4:30pm.

Varsity Boys Basketball played away at Salisbury School this past Friday. Nosa and George really showed up on offense with their playmaking and passing. The rest of the team locked it down on the defensive end. IMS came out on top, winning by 9 points. Varsity Boys hoops also played yesterday at home versus Kingswood Oxford. KO was the only team to beat them last season, so the Falcons played with intent this game. With Jeremiah’s 20, José on the boards, and Marcus on defense, IMS showed up and responded with a 13 point victory. Wish them luck as they go on to play Berkshire 3rds tomorrow afternoon.

JV Basketball debuted at home yesterday versus Washington Montessori School. WMS’ shooting was a tall order for the Falcons defense in their last match up, and so IMS was forced to rethink their gameplan. The new defensive set up created many opportunies for fast breaks. Cohen found his rhythm from the elbow, Abdul knocked down a pair of threes, Thatcher displayed strong post work, and Edward even showed some flashiness with a euro-step. The team had a total of 30 rebounds and 19 steals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for WMS’ shooting, and the Falcons fell short in the end. Shout out to JV Basketball for their improvement in their communication and teamwork. Be on the lookout for them as they keep building their chemistry.

5/6 Basketball played away at Mizzentop yesterday. Mizzentop brought their A-game and kept up with IMS’s consistent scoring. Miles and Jackson led this offensive game with their ability to finish at the rim. Luke and Addie supplemented their scoring on the defensive end. Raife kept the ball in the Falcon’s possession by getting rebounds. 5/6 Basketball played as a unit this game as Mizzentop was never too far behind. In the final few seconds, Miles layed out for a long pass to Jaxon, who made a mid-range floater to tie the game! This competitive match up ended in a tie, and 5/6 Basketball keeps their undefeated streak alive. 

Varsity Squash played Berkshire’s JV team this past Friday. This match was full of many competitive games that went back and forth. This JV high school team was a solid opponent for the Falcons, who already play at a high level. The Falcons stepped up in this match, but fell short. Varsity Squash will spend the next week training diligently. They look forward to attending Nationals at the end of the month, where they’re expected to bring the heat against even more compatible opponents. 

JV Squash most recently played yesterday versus Albany Academy. Charles and Leo came down from Varsity to play Albany’s top ranks. Both players got the win over their opponents. Ingrid played through adversity and Charlie’s match went back and forth. Phoebe, Seraphina, Letitia, and Evonne all came out of their matches with the victory. As a team, IMS squeaked out a 6-4 win. 

The snow machines at Catamount and the Ski Racing team have both been working hard this week. The warmer weather has not made it easy for this team to practice, to say the least. Ski Racing’s training will be put to the test tomorrow at Catamount, where they face off against Washington Montessori and Rumsey Hall. Wish them luck!

Swimming has waited a while since their first meet at Ethyl Walker. They have been training hard in the water all week, working on the details of their stroke and improving personal times. They anticipate their long-awaited meet tomorrow away at CJR, where they swim against Womogo and Litchfield. Wish the Swim team luck as they compete against these high schools.


Go Falcons!