​A group of IMS students competed in a middle school math contest back in November and walked away with top honors. The event was primarily for independent middle schools and sponsored by The Hotchkiss School, whose math club created the questions. More than two dozen students participated in both team and individual categories, and IMS 7th grader Chris Kim (above right) earned the top prize.  Team O’Reilly (Albert Kim, Jayden Li, Chris Kim)  earned 4th place.

“The questions offered in a contest like this involve a great deal of creativity and imagination, it’s not just going from point A to point B,” says Geoff Perkins, IMS Math Department Co-Chair. “There’s so much talent in this school that can often go unseen because it’s in the classroom rather than the athletic field. This competition is a great way to highlight the academic talent and classroom achievements at IMS.”