You may notice a new look for IMS. Following the launch of our strategic plan, Courage to Climb, we revisited and refreshed our visual identity based on the school’s newly defined community goals and mission statement. Our new logo, rooted in design elements and marks from the school’s history, aims to simultaneously honor our rich tradition and propel our brand into the 21st century to better reflect the school we are today.


During the process, we examined a number of core components that would ultimately inform the design of our new logo. For example, we looked at the shape of the logo and opted to return from an oval to a circle, as has been used extensively in the past. As the most recognizable elements of IMS, we retained the cupola and our mountain as the primary design inspiration. We also wanted to ensure that the upward direction of the mountain’s ascent indicated growth, progress, and the Courage to Climb. Along the way, we solicited feedback from faculty, staff, the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC), and the Board of Trustees.


As we build off of the momentum from our strategic plan—and as we get closer to our Centennial year—we look forward to sharing our new visual identity in different ways with members of our community. For any curious alumni, our Maroon and Gray colors will, of course, stay the same!