IMS Performing Arts takes on “Into the Woods, Jr.” — a variation of Stephen Sondheim’s and James Lapine’s groundbreaking musical fairytale. 

Director’s Note, May 2022

Theater has a funny way of being obviously false, while at the exact same moment, being unquestionably true. This play has always been that way for me. The lights come up and everyone tells you exactly what they want and where they’re going to get it. We all know real life doesn’t work like that. And yet, the journeys that these characters embark upon feel true. They are journeys of navigating who we are, who we want to be for each other, and what we may need to sacrifice along the way to find out. It has been a joy building this play with this incredible cast of student collaborators whose brilliant contributions are seen in every joke, prop, costume, lighting change, and tree. Special thanks to the operational support that is required to make a show like this happen. And to Craig Pecchia, Becky Silver, Kelly Tieger, Joanna Seaton, and Donald Sosin who helped these students realize their vision. I hope you enjoyed our journey through the woods.

– Danny Tieger