Every fall, the Lower School announces a theme that will inform the year ahead. This week, each student in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 4 was asked to bring in a cardboard box. At Morning Meeting, our Head of Lower School, Ms. Vorenberg, put a box on the ground and then asked each student to add to it with their own. What began as a random collection of cardboard gradually morphed into one, beautiful structure that looked like “a city!”, “a tower!”, “a chair!”, or even “a big box!”

The Lower School theme this year is: BUILD.

There’s a great deal of building happening all around the IMS Lower Campus: we’re building readers, building stronger math skills, creativity, confidence, and, of course, building new friendships. The students will also see “real life” builders when they visit the Upper Campus to view the construction of the new Field House

We’re so excited for what our youngest students will build as individuals and as a community in the year ahead.