Chances are that if you ask a group of alumni what some of their favorite IMS memories are you will most certainly hear about the Maroon vs. Gray competitions. Every fall, new students, faculty, and staff are assigned to one of the two teams representing our school colors. These team allegiances extend beyond your time at IMS and are passed down to family members and even distant relatives. During the year, the two teams face off academically, athletically, and through our motto, “Life through service.” The competition is fierce, but the sense of togetherness it instills is unforgettable.

It made sense then to connect the beginning of this competition to the 600 acre campus we call home. The result was a new tradition of hiking to the top of our old ski trail to perform the Maroon and Gray sorting. There is something special about introducing new students, faculty, and staff to the incredible natural world that exists on campus while welcoming them into the bonds of the Maroon vs. Gray competition. Experiencing the cheering, laughter, and togetherness while standing in those woods is something that is hard to describe, but is impossible to forget.
Most importantly, with the sorting complete, we begin the countdown to Mountain Day.