Spring is upon us, and that means our Lower School crew is hard at work on our community garden! Of course we study nature and learn about the beauty of science in the garden, but you might not expect our students to be honing their math and Spanish skills in the process. 


This week was all about the foundational work of creating garden beds. “We started by making a diagram of our classroom and measuring everything inside it so they had an idea of what we would be doing in the garden,” shares Mr. Briggs, who teaches science and Spanish specials on the Lower Campus and math on the Upper Campus. He adds, “We then measured the raised beds in order to create a master planting plan.” Together with his students, they practiced measuring and applying those measurements to an actual, to-scale map of the garden. 

The fruits of their labor are expected to be a range of leafy greens, tomatoes, and other seasonal vegetables and herbs. But the learning doesn’t end there. Mr. Briggs shares, “I’ll take this same group into the garden again and we’ll talk about ‘lechuga,’ or ‘lettuce,’ and ‘ajo,’ or garlic and maybe we’ll use these ingredients to create a Spanish cuisine.” The planting phase is scheduled to begin soon.