Mid-Winter Sports Report

By Eliza Statile 

Winter Athletics are in full swing as we reach the midpoint of the term. With new opportunities on campus, students have taken to the IMS ponds and mountain, as well as utilized our indoor spaces on campus for some friendly competition on the basketball court and ping-pong tables.

With two ponds and a newly constructed rink behind Becket House, both the ice hockey and pond hockey teams have spent the past few weeks conditioning their legs for skating and having fun on the ice. Our most competitive group of hockey players have been participating in small sided play with goalkeepers suited up and challenging our athletes to make smart decisions with the puck under pressure. 

Members of our
pond hockey team have improved their skating skills as well as their fundamental stick skills and knowledge of the game. In addition to spending time skating on our ponds, student-athletes will also be participating in other outdoor activities such as nordic skiing and snowshoeing on our mountain as more precipitation ensues.

Our boys and girls
basketball players have started a comprehensive training program with Coach Hanniford, Coach Halloran, and Coach Pierre. Daily practices consist of both basketball specific fitness, drills, and each athlete focusing on quality repetitions of each movement. In addition, student -athletes spend time off-court with Mr Halloran watching film and improving their basketball IQ. 

Throughout the week, members of our
ping-pong and yoga group have spent time learning the rules of the game, developing their skills, and playing in round-robin ping pong tournaments. In addition, they have also been able to take a break from the noise and commotion of their busy schedules and spend a few hours of the week practicing yoga. 

Off campus, both
recreational skiers as well as the ski racing team are hitting the slopes at Catamount Ski Area. The ski racing team has been working closely with Coach Sleboda and Coach Nania to fine-tune their technique for upcoming competitions. 

Ski racing team schedule is as follows: 
2/3 3:30 PM – Mohawk Mountain Ski Area
2/10  3:30 PM- Mohawk Mountain Ski Area
2/24 3:30 PM – Mohawk Mountain Ski Area

We look forward to watching our athletes compete and wish them luck in their upcoming races!