The students never know when it’s coming, but the anticipation of the day is palpable. Mountain Day:  a day when classes are canceled, and we head outside for a full day of games. This year, it happened on Tuesday, October 12. At Morning Meeting, Ms. Soja introduced “Rock Star” Geologist and former faculty member John Hoffman, who was to give a fascinating presentation on the rock formations of our mountain. But, just a few minutes into Mr. Hoffman’s presentation, the sound system flipped to “We will Rock You,” by Queen. Faculty and staff members stood up and danced, eventually moving into a fully choreographed routine of Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. ” Finally, the announcement: “It’s Mountain Day!” 

What followed was a glorious IMS tradition of all day fun and friendly competition between Maroon and Gray. It’s an enormous undertaking for the many members of our team who plan the entire day in secret. Above all, it’s a day where we see the IMS community at its very best.