Experience "Project Wonderland"

Over the past month, more than 50 community members devoted their time and energy to Project Wonderland, a 33-minute “ride” across campus and through Alice’s story in Wonderland. Seven actors played Alice, nine actors played the White Rabbit, and another twenty-three brought the campus to life as the nonsensical goofballs along the way. Though we wish we could have shared this project with the entire community, we were lucky enough to have the third and fourth grades join us for the show. The experience challenged our actors to find their voice, hold the focus, and fill the world with play. Here is a short poem read at the door to invite each of our eleven groups into the show. 

You are welcomed on this day 
To follow Alice through her play
Every stop has been devised 
The movement set, lines memorized
The only thing that we cannot know 
Is how you’ll watch our moving show
And so, 
Instead of listing numerous rules 
To invite the breaking of them
We’d rather ask you read this list 
And show this cast how much you love them

Show them with your focus
Show them with your laughter
Show them by saying “awesome job”
(But wait ’til after) 

Six months ago by Beckett House
Students shared their many thanks
For school being in person
We’d gone to the greatest lengths
And now, we’re here to celebrate
the strange journey of the year. 
But for Alice, it’s just starting 
Go ahead, the way is clear. 

Please enjoy the above celebration video shot and edited by Sam Decock.

-Danny Tieger