Ninth graders at Indian Mountain take Applied Biology, which we regard as gaining an understanding of the scientific processes and mechanisms that impact the human population living on Earth and, reversely, the impact that our population has on Earth’s systems. In addition to being a study of living systems, this course touches upon a myriad of key science disciplines including environmental science, ecology, oceanography, climate science, and human health.

Aligning with themes within other core courses, Applied Biology utilizes current events and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a gateway to foundational science understanding and skills. Students delve into topics such as infectious diseases and consider the ethics behind genetic engineering. They study plant biology and human nutrition and contemplate how to feed a global population. They learn about keystone species and analyze the impact of population decline on other species within an ecosystem. Throughout the year, opportunities present themselves for students to follow their own interests as well as to work collaboratively with their peers.

Applied Biology aims to give students a relevant lens through which to learn about the science of today to address the problems of tomorrow.