The fifth grade science classroom is centered around the exploration of the world around us. It is our intent that lively discussions and hands-on lab experiences cultivate a love of science discovery.

Students begin the year with an introduction to the scientific method. Emphasis is placed on forming hypotheses based on what students already know, recording thorough observations and then forming conclusions from what they have observed. Introduction to the scientific method prepares students for laboratory work this year, in the sixth grade and beyond.

Students further develop their skills of observation in a year-long field study of Indian Mountain School’s pond. Through their study of the pond habitat, students make connections between what they are learning in the classroom and what they observe in the natural environment.

Connections are also made with the social studies curriculum. Students learn about humans’ interactions with their physical world, while studying the ecology of oceans and rainforests.

Reading assignments are enhanced by hands-on activities in order to facilitate comprehension. Short- and long-term research projects, many inspired by the students’ own questions, develop their familiarity with library and internet resources.