Foundations of Mathematics I seeks to provide a variety of successful learning experiences for each student to encourage growth and a positive attitude towards mathematics. Hands-on activities and short- and long-term projects that suit various learning styles enhance the program. Appropriate cross-curricular activities are also included.

Students start with a review of whole numbers, operations and place values. They then learn about measurement, including customary and metric systems, and measurement of time. Measurement is connected to the study of geometry as students learn area, perimeter, surface area, and volume. Students also explore ratios, proportions and percents, probability and statistics, and beginning algebraic equations.

A main goal of our math program is to expand students’ problem solving skills. Through activities which require mental math, paper and pencil computation, visual thinking, estimation, decision making, communication, and analysis, students gain skills in attempting various strategies, explaining the processes they use to arrive at their solutions.