The Art Program at the Lower Campus of Indian Mountain School has many goals for our students in grades pre-kindergarten through four.

Key objectives include:

* Developing core artistic skills, techniques, and discipline
* Laying a strong base of vocabulary and knowledge of art terms for each student
* Creating an environment that fosters creativity and risk taking in each child
* Delivering a balanced and positive experience of individual and collaborative projects for each child
* Encouraging the use of imagination, artistic skills, and time management to create work that satisfies the imagination and vision of each student

On a weekly basis, one-hour art classes are held with grades pre-kindergarten through four. Our goal is to create a vibrant and engaging environment for every child. Each class creates art projects of many genres that are both age appropriate and challenging. Throughout the year, all grade levels will study past and present artists, multicultural art techniques, watercolor, pastels, printmaking, sculpture, collaborative work, self portraiture, still life drawing, large sculpture, collage, and many other mediums and techniques. The classroom environment puts a high value on respect, community, problem solving, and independent responsibility. Art class is a place where all children can explore and be challenged and where all children can enjoy a great level of success and satisfaction. We support and applaud resilience, accepting differences in peers, resisting negative peer pressure, taking artistic risks, and working with focus and diligence.

In the spring of each school year, the Lower School has a wonderful Art Show Reception. Projects are collected throughout the year and put up all over the school on display for this grand event. Parents and friends are invited to come and enjoy a lovely evening that celebrates our community of young artists.