The Indian Mountain Lower School Library was completed in 2006. The architect, Sam Posey, created a space using traditional and modern materials that welcome the beauty of the outdoor environment. Natural light pours in through the large windows creating a warm and inviting space that is both functional and very pleasant.

The Lower School Library houses an ever-growing collection of both fiction and non-fiction books appropriate for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Traditional reference materials including, dictionaries and child appropriate encyclopedias, are supplemented with instruction in the use of electronic reference. There are four Mac computers available for student use in the library.

Students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade attend a weekly library class. During this time students receive instruction in the functions of a library. Students learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction and how the Dewey Decimal System serves to organize materials within the library. Most importantly, the students learn how to find appropriate books and the process for checking out their selected books.

During library class, the librarian reads aloud to students from specially selected books and kids are invited to explore the library, searching for a book to check out each week. A visitor to the library during class time will find that the Lower School Library is not your “traditional” library. It is a peaceful but also a lively place for children to learn the joys that reading brings and to generate excitement about reading books and sharing that joy with others.