In Design and Coding class students explore the rudiments of the computer language, Swift, via the Playgrounds app on their iPads. This is a language developed by Apple for the creation of apps for their devices. The more overarching aim of this course was for students to engage in the Design Thinking process, which includes ideation, selection, sketching, and prototyping. Students engage in the various aspects of this process as they develope ideas for a product that uses recycled materials. Within this framework, students discuss affordances and signifiers as principles of design. They become critics of good and bad design. In the ideation process, they learn how to cross-ideas and use associations to innovate. Some students also explore the possibilities of the Reality Composer app for prototyping in augmented reality. At the culmination of the course, students present pitches in three minute videos for the object they would like to produce before an audience of teachers and peers. They prepare multiple sketches of the object and provide a detailed explanation of how it would work, what ages and genders they are targeting, and what problem or issue the product would address in the lives of their target group.