Seventh graders at Indian Mountain take Earth and Space Science. The program investigates the following: geology, including studies of rocks, minerals, and plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes; meteorology; astronomy, including the origins of the universe and the life of stars; and mapping, as well as the impact that humans have made on the Earth and solar system. A major focus of the course is to give the students a sense of scale, time, and perspective regarding the earth, its history and its place in the universe.

Lab work is done as often as possible, and much time is devoted to discussion of how and why things work the way they do. Considerable emphasis is placed on the processes that occur in the lithosphere, atmosphere and deep space. Other skills that are stressed include highlighting, writing, note-taking, and organization. Digital presentation, data analysis, and public speaking are all key skills focused on in class. As in every science course at IMS, creativity, curiosity, and independent thought are fostered throughout Earth and Space Science.

Earth and Space Science aims to give students a sense of understanding about the physical place in which they find themselves currently and in the future, here on Earth as well as within the universe. It also aims to give the students a sense of how to protect our planet for future generations.