In 6th grade science the main area of study is human biology and health. Under an umbrella theme of “unity,“ the biology class investigates the major organ systems of the body, their functioning and interaction.

Textbook, laboratory experiments, note taking, discussion and writing activities are integrated during this study. The biology text itself incorporates social studies and literature materials in each chapter. Formal laboratory reports of class experiments are introduced in this class. Note taking skills are also reinforced as students develop study guides and chapter outlines needed for tests and for reference throughout the year.

Students investigate the structural organization of the human body through its systems: skeletal, digestive, circulator, respiratory, excretory, nervous and reproductive. The counseling center works with the class during the reproduction unit to help discuss and explain this sensitive subject. The counseling department and the organization FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency) also works closely with the class to inform them of the dangers associated with drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Creative research projects assigned to coincide with each unit, give students a chance to work in cooperative groups, usually feature Internet research and other computer-generated sources.