Whenever possible, we like to bring history to life. It is our belief that students learn best when they are engaged in different types of learning. That’s why our sixth grade humanities students got to experience the eruption of Mount Vesuvius through virtual reality goggles during their study of Pompeii. 

“It showed us what it was actually like to experience the volcano eruption,” shared Ella, a sixth grade student who completed the VR tour. “Ash was falling on top of me; it felt very real. It showed me how a volcano can destroy a whole city.”


Another student says the VR experience helped her understand the gravity of the eruption. “It was one of the earliest civilizations and for it to just be gone in a matter of days, that’s crazy.”

Students in Mr. Tieger’s class learned about Pompeii before immersing themselves in the heart of the volcano and later wrote essays that required them to develop creative first-person narratives.