At IMS, students are asked to hone their critical thinking skills in STEAM class, which recognizes the intersection and overlap of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Recently, sixth graders developed a talent for architecture when they designed their own dream homes using 3D modeling tools such as Google SketchUp and Home By Me. 

Students in Ms. Statile’s class began by brainstorming the purpose of their buildings, including the ways in which the spaces would be utilized and by whom. Ideas ranged from the practical (outdoor spaces to park  cars) to more aesthetic elements (a larger than life light-up cactus). Following ideation, students sketched their ideas on graph paper with pencils as a way to bring organization to the project, and also to learn about the importance of designing to scale. From there, students brought their designs to life using online tools, which enabled them to create realistic virtual home tours. Finally, students reflected on their process from ideation to creation by writing descriptive paragraphs about their inspiration and journeys.