“Everybody’s digging for something.” This lyric from the second act of “Holes,” has been true for the last eight months. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating this production. 

This musical began in earnest in September, when students met weekly, often bringing lyrics or parts of songs to share. The vision of adapting the book, “Holes,” by Louis Sachar, slowly took form with an outline, and then a script, and then a meeting were we just read amazon reviews of orange jumpsuits.  

In the professional world, a show is developed for years. Table readings lead to concerts, concerts to workshops, and so on. In many ways the past 5 weeks has been this team’s first workshop. Our first chance to try an idea and rework it. 

In school we often talk about the process but ask for a product. This performance was both. Through this process, I have witnessed every writer, composer, and actor have a moment of creative clarity, where their vision for the show came into focus. It is these moments that have made this process so fulfilling. What a lucky thing to have a space to create something for your community!

Congratulations to the cast and crew, and the incredible writing team, Jayden, Addax, Chloe, Eva, Tyler, Angus, Sophia, Ptolomey, Mckenna, Will, Wally, Ms. Tieger and Mr. Sosin.

— Danny Tieger, Director of Performing Arts.