After working for several years as a bookseller and tending to her four children through their early years, Cathy became an early childhood educator in 1999. She spent 18 years teaching at a parent cooperative preschool in Seattle, Washington while also attending college and earning her B.A. in Early Childhood Education and M.A.Ed.: Elementary Education from Goddard College in Vermont. Recently certified in Connecticut to teach Elementary School, Cathy is excited to begin the next phase of her career at Indian Mountain School. Cathy brings to her position a deep curiosity about the many ways that children learn and a passion for figuring out how to best teach each child. She is especially interested in the process of literacy development and both common and uncommon barriers to that process. When she is not teaching, Cathy enjoys walking and running in the beautiful outdoors, knitting, reading, and video-chatting with her four adult children.