Parents, students, faculty, staff, and more than 25 alums gathered at Indian Mountain School for its eighty-eighth graduation ceremony on Friday, June 11, 2010. Emotions ran high for 43 graduating ninth graders and 14 departing eighth-graders as they bid farewell to their friends and teachers before heading off for the summer and on to secondary school.  Piper K. Lee Collins led the procession, Mr. Devey welcomed everyone with opening remarks, and the exciting day began. The Reverend Duane Estes, who is the Chaplain at Salisbury School gave the invocation. Ms. Joanna Seaton, accompanied by Donald Sosin, led us all in singing America the Beautiful, and Mr. Ram Miles directed a group of IMS musicians in a performance of In My Life by The Beatles. The mountainettes later performed 100 Years by John Ondrasik.

Mr. Devey awarded the major school prizes and then introduced our Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, Keith Campbell from the class of 1970.

Triangle Prize: Grace Fowler

The Riggs Prize: Luke Tiedemann

The Doolittle Prize: Peter Graham

The Schutte Prize: Love Ferrier

McMillen Prize: Max Rose

Dunham Prize: Issey Callaway

Rouse Prize: Alton Sioussat

Head of School: Cathy Yoon, Lee Pryor, Donald Reed, Claire Seo, Duncan Harvey, Eloise Morrow


John S. W. Spofford Award: Mary Harvey P’04’07’11

Mountain Cards: Ellen Hubbard P’11’13 and Marci Bush P’08’12’15

Dunham Chair: John Quirk


Mr. Devey also honored departing trustees John W. Ingle, Jr. P’02, Edie Schechter P’06, and Betsy Gill ’66, P’96’99’02.


After receiving his award, Mr. Campbell gave the commencement address to the graduating class. Speaking as a fellow graduate of Indian Mountain, Mr. Campbell recalled life at the school 40 years ago, noting significant changes and similarities. “Yes, the campus is a bit different, but the spirit and the life around the school remains the same. If you have experienced it once and you come through the doors, it is immediate. You say, ‘I’m back. I’m back at Indian Mountain.'”


Mr. Campbell urged graduates to realize how blessed they are to have been given the opportunity to go to one of the finest schools of its type in this country. “Wherever you go next, you go there being absolutely one of the best prepared students in America. You have been blessed.” Campbell went on to talk about how if you bless someone, you get blessings back a thousand to one. “I’ve been in business for a long, long time. But if I can make a thousand-to-one return, that’s fabulous!” Mr. Campbell asked graduates to think about and count their blessings, and then to thank their parents, and to thank the faculty and staff at the school. “You know something? That’s a blessing. If you continue with that attitude for the rest of your life, you get a thousand to one back. You get a thousand blessings back. Think about it.”


Next, Love Ferrier and Jack Stiglmeier presented the ninth grade gift to the school, which, coincidentally, was a thousand dollars. After the graduating class read their poem, Mr. Devey and Mr. Fowler presented the graduates with their diplomas. The departing eighth graders received certificates at the ceremony as well.


After the ceremony, graduates and their families enjoyed a delicious lunch in the dining hall before saying their goodbyes for the summer. We expect everyone to stay in touch with our Alumni Office and return to the IMS campuses often!


Congratulations to all of our ninth grade graduates and departing eighth graders:


Clayton James Caliendo

Issey Lincoln Callaway

Benjamin MacKenzie Duhoski

Love Gaelle Ferrier

Grace Winthrop Fowler

Orson Fry

William Rupert Goodwin

Ryder Shane Gottlieb

Peter Longver Graham

Anna Rose Heissenbuttel

Frank Carmen Izzi, Jr.

Jun Hyun Kim

Min Gwan Kim

Michael Phillip Knuth

Eva Grace Kudenholdt

Ji Hyun Lee

Won Seok Lee

Henry Wistar McNamara

Richard Daniel Meissner

Monica Ann Metcalf

Skye Elizabeth Moir

Molly Rice Moseley

Sipho Alexander Msipa

Misa Nakajima

DeAndrea Uzoma Nwokeafor-Laz

Charles Lee Pryor

Donald William Reed

John Hugh Reynolds

William K. Rhodes, Jr.

Kyler Austin Rolo

Maxwell Abraham Rose

Jacob Dylan Ryan

Haley Gardner Schopp

Ye Eun Seo

Alton Hale Sioussat

John McAllister Stiglmeier

Luke Dennis Tiedemann

David Anthony Trotta

Joseph Benjamin Trotta

John William Vantine

Patricio Vargas Campuzano

Troy Oneil Wade

E Kyung Yoon



Alejandro Artigas de Spa

Spencer Ryan Cookson

María Díaz Fernández del Valle

Anais Doucet Cibrian

Duncan Moore Harvey

Emily McGovern Hubbard

John Portner Humes III

Kyle Austin Leary

Carlos Ortiz Monasterio Braniff

Eloise Jill Morrow

Andrea Mulás Ochoa

Alvaro Luis Nicolau

Sung Yeon Ro

Jack Chandler Zamacona