At IMS, we are lucky enough to have our own mountain. But each grade on the Upper Campus ventures beyond our familiar trails to explore the beauty and nature in our corner of the world.

Following in the footsteps of our ninth grade class, fifth graders ventured to the Taconic State Park Campground in nearby in Copake Falls, NY last week. While the fall camping trip marks the final outdoor trip for our ninth graders, it is the very first trip for our newest students on the Upper Campus. Both days, students had short day hikes. They took a guided tour of the historic Copake Iron Works smelting site and trekked to the famed Bash Bish waterfalls.

About the 5th Grade Trip (With Photos!)
Students and faculty drove to Lion’s Head for a scenic hike before arriving at the campground to set up tents. They visited Copake Iron Works (just a walk away from the campground), hiked Sunset Rock Trail, and returned to camp for dinner. On Friday, the entire grade hiked to Bash Bish Falls from the campground and returned to IMS for lunch. The views were topped only by the fun our fifth graders had. View photos here!

About Outdoor Adventure & Education at IMS
Students in Grades 5-9 take part in specialized adventure programs or trips throughout the academic year. These trips are woven into our Outdoor Adventure & Education curriculum to encourage problem solving in ways that build and enhance confidence, leadership, teamwork, and goal setting. Whether we’re taking advantage of our two 623-acre campuses, camping in the White Mountains, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, these trips develop strong bonds and create lasting memories.