On Monday, April 28, the Diversitee Committee treated students on the Upper Campus to a diverse day of workshops that featured exotic foods and customs from around the world. In addition to attending four worshops of their choice, students also enjoyed an international lunch and a concert performance by Brazillian musicians. The list of workshops offered included:

Music of Brazil
Rangoli Mandala
Ethiopian Cuisine and Culture
What! They Eat That!?
International Sports (Cricket Anyone?)
Frisbee Golf
All Kinds of Minds
Geography Trivia
Music of the Struggle Against Apartheid
Music Production
What You Need to Know to Travel to Japan
Asian Fusion
Chinese Calligraphy
African Drumming
Chinese Card Games & Korean Jacks
Diversity Dumplings

Thank you to Ms. Schopp and the rest of the Diversity Committee for organizing such a fantastic day that helped us step outside of our comfort zones to learn about other cultures.