The varsity girls’ soccer team left the pitch following their scrimmage against the Hotchkiss JV on Friday feeling prepared for the challenges of the season.  Despite losing the scrimmage, the girls demonstrated improved play throughout the game as they worked to develop team chemistry on the field and began fullfilling the responsibilities of their positions.  Devon had multiple one-on-one opportunities as she spearheaded the Falcon offensive attack.  IMS midfielders did a fine job moving the ball forward, and the girls nearly capitalized on their scoring opportunities.

The IMS defenders also played well following some positioning adjustments at the half.  Falcon coaches were especially impressed by Tess, the team’s tenacious stopper.  In her comments from the game, Coach Page wrote, “Tess owned the middle of the field,” and she went on to say, “(Tess) showed amazing awareness for the field, of where players were positioned, and knew where she could be of the most help.”  Another noteworthy defensive performance came from Alex, who played her first competitive game as a goaltender and began displaying instincts that will benefit the team throughout the season.

Coaches Page and Neary are very happy with the progress the team has made over a short amount of time.  The players are communicating well on and off the field, supporting each other in critical game situations, and are generally excited about the season.  They have even written a new team cheer!  The girls play their first official game of the season at Indian Mountain on Wednesday against Renbrook.  The game is scheduled to begin at 3:45.