What do maple syrup tapping, music theory exploration, and documentary filmmaking have in common? Intersession at IMS.

Each year before March break, students and teachers take a week-long hiatus from the normal academic curriculum to participate in immersive, passion-based courses.

Whether groups are hitting local trails to learn the art of maple syrup making, traveling to New York City to visit the BuzzFeed headquarters as part of an intensive journalism class, or traveling to Cuba to steep themselves in the culture and engage in community service projects, the IMS Upper School indulges in four full days of diverse enrichment experiences.
Intersession, which began five years ago, is one example of the school’s commitment to teaching for relevance and purpose.

Each year we offer a diverse range of activities which include on and off-campus courses. It is part of our ongoing effort to design learning experiences that align with our priorities, our values, and our knowledge of each individual student. During Intersession, Upper Schoolers revel in the ability to choose their own adventure, which results in deep and engaged learning.

This year’s intersession offerings included:
  • Climbing Wall Construction
  • Exploring and Giving Back to Our Community
  • Service Trip to Cuba
  • Journalism 101
  • Music Theory
  • Racket Sports
  • Soccer 101
  • Sweeping to Glory (curling)
  • Teen Stream 
  • The Joy and Science of Cooking
  • There’s a SAP for That!
  • Yoga and Meditation