Computer science develops problem-solving skills and computational thinking and can also be a creative form of self-expression. Students at IMS are able to explore the field of computer sciences through after-school enrichment programs on the Lower Campus, as well as a Coding and Design class and a coding elective on the Upper Campus.

Recently, three ambitious 9th graders who have a passion for coding joined forces to design and build a new computer application —  a chat server they call Finn Chat  — using Python, a high-level programming language. 

What started as a command-line application (where the user has to type commands for it to operate), this project has become more and more sophisticated as the students work on it. They continue to design new settings and features, and have now moved it to a computing platform which allows them to host the app remotely. The students’ creative enthusiasm has pushed them to set larger goals and objectives for the app, and has challenged them to learn new ways to code and implement small changes to the server and client application, while continuing the daily work of software development: testing and debugging their code. 

IMS encourages students to explore their interests — to take their academic and creative dreams and run with them. This group of students did just that.


Looking Ahead: In fall 2022, IMS will begin offering an advanced placement Computer Science Principles course, for beginner and advanced programmers.